towing company PetersburgWe at Petersburg Tow Truck have the most well maintained fleet of elite flatbeds and tow trucks equipped for any and all hauling needs. We’ve helped both independent contractors and large businesses haul any material to wherever they need it to go. And because we’ve been in the business for years, we know how to provide reliable customer service that is fast and gets the job done perfectly at every step of the way. So whether you have an important construction project that needs time-efficient cargo delivery, or you’re an independent homeowner looking for a package to be delivered before a major renovation, Petersburg Tow Truck is the one to call!

Reliable Package Delivery 

towing company Petersburg VirginiaWe know how frustrating late delivery of an important package can be. And we know even more how disappointing it is to receive a package that has been mishandled, damaged, or even just completely destroyed. That’s why Petersburg Tow Truck offers Virginia’s most trusted package delivery services, with a delivery process that is second to none. Having delivered hundreds of packages every year, we know exactly how to provide safe and fast delivery of even the most fragile packages. With us, you receive the peace of mind knowing that your package will arrive on time, every time, and without a single scratch.

Trusted Cargo Delivery 

Need heavy building materials and cargo delivered quickly for that upcoming construction project or home renovation? Our team can have whatever cargo you need delivered straight to you without the hassle of waiting for days. We also offer world class customer service which means you’ll know exactly where your cargo is and an extremely accurate time frame of when and where your package will be delivered. Give us a call and we’ll have your cargo setup within minutes and dropped off before any of your deadlines.

Safe and Secure Pallet Deliverytowing company Petersburg VA

Petersburg Tow Truck does pallet delivery with extreme care to ensure your pallets are delivered without any damage. We also offer one of the fastest delivery services in Virginia, so you can be confident delivery is done successfully well before your required deadlines. Give us a call and we’ll have any sized pallet of any material delivered securely.

Irregularly Sized Cargo

Most delivery services don’t know how to handle delivering non-rectangular packages or cargo. This often leads to unnecessary damage to your valuable cargo. However, because we’ve been in the industry for so many years, we know exactly how to secure any irregular sized cargo onto our flatbed trucks for safe transport and drop-off. So whether you have a large wooden shed, a marble statue, or any high value item that requires proper attention for efficient delivery; we’re equipped for the job.

Hauling Services