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As one of the largest tow truck companies in the Petersburg, VA area, the Petersburg Tow Truck team is proud to serve this great community for all of your towing needs. From working with first-time customers to working with some of our repeat clients, our fleet of tow trucks is to help you! We have been the go-to towing company for years, and with our fast response times, great rates, and even better service, it is no surprise that so many have chosen Petersburg Tow Truck for all of their towing needs. As a towing company, we provide our towing services and roadside assistance service on a 24/7 basis. No matter the time of the night, or day, the Petersburg Tow Truck team has you covered from bumper to bumper. Here is a little more about the excellent services that we offer in and around Petersburg.

Towing Services in Petersburg, VA

Heavy duty towing

If you are looking for heavy duty towing, then it is about time that you called Petersburg Tow Truck. Our tow trucks have been some of the only heavy duty towing companies in the region and are proud to serve our community. Whether you are an independent operator or a fleet vehicle, our fleet of heavy duty tow trucks has you covered for all of your towing needs.

Medium duty towing

Since our inception, the team at Petersburg Tow Truck has been providing medium duty towing to our hard-working community. We know that you need to get back to it when working on a job site if you are paid. That is why our medium duty towing service is based on the ability to provide fast towing services that will get you back and on the road in no time!

Light duty towing

Light duty towing services have long had a special place for Petersburg Tow Truck. It was the first that we offered, and we continue to provide this essential service to our community. Whether you are looking to tow an SUV, van or even truck, the fleet of light duty tow trucks at Petersburg Tow Truck have you covered.

Accident recovery

When you have been in an accident, things end up being a blur. You do not know what to do, and if there are injuries, things only get more complicated. However, for these instances, you can trust a company like Petersburg Tow Truck to provide accident recovery services that will help. Trust the experts and let a towing company like Petersburg Tow Truck handle your vehicle and the paperwork while taking care of you and your family after an accident.

Long Distance towing

Whether you are looking to haul something across the town or the region, the team at Petersburg Tow Truck is your go-to option for budget-friendly long distance towing. Our fleet of tow trucks will ensure that your towing service is fast, efficient, and effective. Give us a call and see why Petersburg Tow Truck can help deliver your vehicle for pennies on the dollar of the other guys.

Junk Car removal

If you have a beater that it is about time you got rid of, it might be time to call Petersburg Tow Truck. We have been providing cash for junk car services for years and will pay you top dollar for that old beater that you have on your property. Whether it is in the back 40 or your garage, our drivers can recover the vehicle and pay you cash on-site. Not a bad deal at all.

Roadside Assistance Services in Petersburg, VA

Jump start services

When dealing with a dead battery, the last thing you want to do is try and find some jumper cables and a friend or stranger to complete the jump. Instead, you should look to call the Petersburg Tow Truck team and let us jump your car! All of our tow trucks come equipped with a powerful battery booster that will get you back up and running safely and quickly. There are no more awkward attempts, no more sparks, just a live and running vehicle and you back on the road.

Gas delivery services

When you are starting to run your vehicle on empty, it might be time to call the team at Petersburg Tow Truck. We have been providing gas delivery services for years, and whether we are topping up the tank or simply giving you enough to get to the next gas station, we can help. Our gas delivery services do not come with a large surcharge so that you can skip the long walk with the jerry can and get back on the road with a full gas tank and a full wallet!

Tire change services

A blown tire is a serious headache. Not only do you need to replacer the tire, but you need to wrestle with the jack you have probably never used and remember how to replace a tire that you learned via your parents at the age of 17. It is not a fun process, and for us at Petersburg Tow Truck, we can help you get back on the road in no time. Our drivers will not break any pit records at the local track, but we will safely and efficiently get you and your vehicle back on the road. So, the next time that you have a flat, puncture or full-blown tire, skip the stress and call Petersburg Tow Truck.

Whether you are looking for towing services or roadside assistance services, the team at Petersburg Tow Truck has you covered. Whether you need a tow or help with a blown tire, our fleet will ensure that you are back and on your way in no time. Plus, with our flexible paying optio0ns, including cash and all major credit cards, the Petersburg Tow Truck team makes it easy to pay! So, if you are looking for towing or anything else, give the team at Petersburg Tow Truck a call, and experience the difference that quality towing can make.

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